Office Cleaning Melbourne CDB

Office Cleaning Melbourne CDB

ECO Office Cleaning Melbourne is not just another cleaning company in Melbourne! What separates ECO Office Cleaning Services is that we have made our success depend on the value that we serve our clients with! ECO Office Cleaning Melbourne’s primary objective is to deliver an office cleaning service that is unbeatable & uncompromised. ECO Office cleaners Melbourne are well trained, especially to deliver commercial cleaning work for wide range of industry verticals.

ECO Office Cleaning Melbourne has an experience of working in offices, commercial cleaning, retail & public space cleaning, education & health cleaning, hospitality & leisure cleaning

Our Vision:
  • 1) To deliver our clients with the service that they demand in a timely fashion.
  • 2) Customize and make the user experience better.
  • 3) Quote a cost that is reasonable by understanding the needs of client.
  • 4) Trying to understand client’s need and finding alternatives to its solution.
Our Objective:
  • 1) Cleaner workplaces
  • 2) Environment friendly Spaces
  • 3) Spreading Awareness about standard bacteria and germs
  • 4) Devising techniques through which Earth can be a better place to live

ECO Office Cleaning’s experience stretches out to deliver successful commercial cleaning services for every organization of various scales. Eight years of experience that ECO Office Cleaning possesses is utilized in rendering high standard cleaning services to its clients all over Australia. Staff at ECO is passionate about Occupational health and safety and treat it as one of their top priorities!

ECO Office Cleaning Services provide office cleaning in Melbourne and almost all metropolitan suburbs in Victoria. Complying with the Victorian Health & Safety regulations, ECO Office Cleaning Services uses only green cleaning products!